Cableband Laterals

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Grasp the band with your arm extended across your body and pull the band across yourself until your arm is extended out to the side. Slowly return to starting position while keeping the band taut.


  • Maintain elbows fixed in a slightly bent position.
  • Keep your arm parallel to the ground.
  • Angle yourself toward or away from A.P. to modify resistance.|Take a wider stance to maintain balance.


  1. Lower the A.P. height and raise your arm across your body at a slightly upward angle.
  2. Raise the A.P. height and lower your arm across your body at a slightly downward angle.
  3. Fasten two bands to two lateral posts and perform exercise with both arms simultaneously.
  4. Cross the bands (one through the other) to avoid friction.

Target Muscles:

deltoids (rear)



Anchor Point Height:





upright | bent over