This week our focus is on the triceps. Before we jump into the learning, I have a little resistance band anecdote about my gym.

The other day at total strength, the instructor had us using the standard equipment and a little extra: 3 sets of weights, bench, mat, and gliders (these are amazing!), but unlike usual, no bands. I was disappointed, of course, but I figured out soon enough that this was not on purpose. Three different times during the workout she started calling out band exercises before sighing and asking, "Why don't you have bands!"

Go bands!

So back to the muscle education. Do you know how the TRIceps got their name? It is because the muscle group is  composed of three heads: lateral head, long head and medial head.

And what exercises should you choose to get them all? Well, you should include at least one variation of the triceps pushdown. I’ll go over that later this week. Some other great exercises to add definition: dips and kickbacks.

As with all the muscle groups, there are a few things to think about while you do the moves:

You can target the muscle group better by keeping your wrists straight and elbows planted in a fixed position with your upper arms still.

As we have talked about before, maintaining constant tension on bands by keeping at least minimal resistance throughout the set creates a more effective workout and helps you avoid injury.

At the point of maximum resistance, flex your triceps for a few moments at the point of maximum resistance before returning back to starting position.

As with many workouts, if you don’t feel resistance, you need to try some readjusting. By moving your anchor point or your distance from the point, you can increase or decrease resistance.

And last but not least? Abs tight, back straight!