Legs? Check. Chest? Check. Back? Check.

We are getting through all the muscle groups, and learning so much! So what’s next? Shoulders. First, a little learning about one of those groups that can help you keep good posture.

There are three areas that make up your shoulder muscles: the front, lateral and rear. No single exercise can target all three areas, so you will need to make sure you have two to three shoulder exercises in your total body routine. Make sure you don’t focus on one area more than the others because this can increase your risk of injury.

As with all exercises, make sure to start with a lower resistance to get the form down. Shoulders are another one of those groups that find their way into most of what you do – a shoulder injury can be a huge inconvenience, to say the least.

If you insert a bar, it can help you balance the resistance, and it offers you more control.

Now, I’ve mentioned before that maintaining some sort of resistance throughout an entire set helps increase the intensity of your workout. There is another reason to do it, though. By having at least some minimal resistance, you reduce the shock to your muscles when you begin a new rep.

Another bit of review? Abs tight, back straight. A must in most exercises!

Come back tomorrow for the military press!