Wish you could jump higher and sprint faster? You may need to work on your explosive power. Explosive power is the measurement of the maximum force an individual can exert in a certain amount of time. Increasing your explosive power is a great way to improve overall athletic performance.

I know you’re interested by now, so read on to learn how to do so.

Power= force x distance.

This means to increase your explosive  power you need to increase one or both of those factors. Luckily we have bands and workouts to help you do this.

Where do the bands come in?

Our dynamic speed and vertical training bands enhance athletic performance by harnessing the power of elasticity to target all three of these factors. The bands offer ascending resistance throughout your entire range of motion, providing a synergistic relationship with your muscles. As you jump higher, the bands stretch farther and the resistance is increased, making your legs stronger with every hop.

Look below to see some sample workouts that will help increase your vertical jump and dynamic speed:


Click here for another video workout.