The class with some of their new equipment

I got up bright and early today to meet with the weightlifting class at Rogers Herr Middle School. Read about my last visit here. Thanks to everyone showing support their in the RHMS project, I was lucky enough play Santa Claus a little early this year and bring them a bunch of gifts!

I worked with the teacher, Mr. Smith to come up with a list of products that they needed, and we were able to deliver plenty of light, medium, heavy and robust bands, but also some of our new products that we'll be introducing shortly: slam balls and pull up bars.

Even the Principal came in to join the workout!

Now that they have a fully stocked room, the difference was huge. All the kids had opportunities to try the new equipment, and looked more excited than ever. Some of the kids were doing band curls in one group, another was working on their med ball squats, and a big group was trying out the bands as pull-up assistance with their new pull up bars. Even the principal stopped by to join in the fun, and showed the kids how many pull-ups he could do (I think it was about 7). As I was walking out I even heard one student ask how he could take the class again next term!

Helping kids to learn proper exercise and fitness techniques is one of many ways we can help to combat childhood obesity here in America, and I felt really lucky to be a part of this, part of a company that was willing to make it happen, and to have so many customers supportive of this project. To learn more about our social mission and some of the projects we currently have going on, check out

The kids showing off their pull-up prowess on their donated pull up bars The kids showing off their pull-up prowess on their newly donated pull-up bars