As a girl my priority has never been to get big, buff arms. Whenever I exercised I went straight for the machine that burnt the most fat. However, when I came home from vacation last week, my 13 year old sister had to be the one to carry all the luggage. It was a total WAKEUP call because after we compared arm muscles, I realized I have been neglecting my triceps for way too long!

Everyone has trouble zone areas that they zoom to working on when they start exercising.  I have always prioritized my stomach and legs when I use my Rubberbanditz band. But thinking of the fittest celebrities that I aspire to look like, its really their biceps and triceps that differentiate them from being skinny to strong and fit. We idolize women like Michelle Obama, Gwen Stefani and Madonna, who have arms made of steel more than the rail thin runway types.

That being said almost any woman would prefer toned arms over the oh so dreaded bat wings. Fat around the upper arm can be a total confidence killer when you’re wearing any type of sleeveless clothing attire. Unfortunately, the area around the tricep is one of the biggest trouble spots women face. Blame biology because women naturally tend to store fat around the hips, stomach, and dun dun dun upper arms. Problematically when we neglect to practice tricep exercises, we are only more likely to develop arms that are not in tank top shape.

However, when both guys and girls try to get strong and sculpted arms, they often make the mistake of neglecting to do their tricep exercises! The tricep makes up to two thirds of the upper arm. While we automatically think to do bicep curls, its arguably even more important to perform tricep exercises to get sexy and built arms.

So I’m officially creating the tricep challenge workout to try to inspire myself and others to build sexy and strong arms! I’ve decided that I must add tricep exercises to my daily fitness regime to get my arms in shape (I just can’t be wimpier than my little sister). Of course I turned to Rubberbanditz (the perks of working for a fitness company) to try find tricep exercises that would get my arms sculpted and toned in a flash. But since we have a huge selection of tricep exercises, I thought I would narrow them down and create my own fitness video, starring me! I’ll be showing you what I think are the best Rubberbanditz tricep exercises to get those arms in shape!