In college, I had a few male friends who practiced, to say the least, not a full body routine. One friend would head over to the weight room and do bicep curls for as long as he could stand it. And that is it. He was a very small guy, but he had huge biceps. It was ridiculous.

Well, at Rubberbanditz we push the Total Body Routine. It’s not just so that we all don’t walk around with disproportionally large biceps; it’s also because of the benefits working your muscles can have for your whole body – not to mention it helps you avoid injury.

Today, however, we are talking about biceps. Specifically, how to incorporate bicep exercises into a total body routine.

When you are choosing which exercises to use, you should aim for two lifts where your arms are positioned in front of your body. These are moves like the bandbell, hammer, alternate and reverse curls. You also want one lift where your arms are out laterally from your body. These include moves like cableband curls and crossband curls.

Later this week we will take a look at hammer curls.

Before you start doing some bicep moves, there are a few things to remember that apply to all the moves.

Bicep Exercise Tips

Fully extend and contract your arms to get the entire range of motion.

Remember to maintain constant tension on the bands by not lowering your arms below the minimum point of resistance. This prevents your biceps from resting during the set.

Keep your wrists straight and your elbow­­­s in fixed positions to help channel the resistance to your biceps.

If you need to alter the resistance, try adjusting the anchor point height or your distance from the post to alter the resistance.

And, as usual, keep your abs tight and your back straight to keep your core stable.