Sitting for long hours in a sedentary position can result in adverse health effects. Physical pain is common in the lower back, shoulders and neck as a result of poor posture or repetitive movement over a prolonged period.

Scheduled daily activity improves productivity and promotes overall health. Regular exercise improves your immune system, stimulates the formation of new brain cells, reduces the likelihood of depression, conditions the heart and circulatory system and endows you with general strength and stamina.

Many Japanese companies have adopted integrated exercise programs, especially aimed at white-collar workers, which reduce pain and stress levels while improving productivity, morale and health. These exercise programs have spread across Asia as employers have witnessed successful results.

For most of us, discretionary time is at a premium. Motivation and time constraints are often the culprit of personal fitness neglect. Check out one of our low-impact five minute exercise routines to be implemented in the workplace. Exercises are performed using a circular band system and help stretch, strengthen and tone while increasing blood flow, all without getting sweaty in work clothes. You use the same equipment as assisted pull up bands as well, which is common among CrossFit athletes.

Each series can be performed at a desk or in any open space every few hours as a baseline for daily fitness. Dedicating 10-20 minutes of exercise over the course of the workday will improve employee morale, health and wellness while lowing insurance costs.

For more information about how to integrate fitness in the workplace and reduce insurance related costs, check out a sample routine at