Before I finally tell you what in the world the lower-back lubricator is, a quick note on stretching. Stretching is a very important part of your workout. I have days where I really can’t handle a whole workout (my lazy days) so I stretch for 15 minutes, ride my bike for 15, and finish with another 15-20 of stretching. Your ideal should be to start your workout with 5 minutes of stretching and finish up with 15-20 minutes at the end. It keeps your muscles awake and healthy.

How does stretching keep you healthy? Stretching opens up the passageways in your body so that blood can better circulate and carry oxygen to muscles. This speeds up the recovery process and enhances your joint flexibility and optimal muscle lengths.

I can be really terrible about stretching. Stretching more is my New Years, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, July 4th, etc., resolution every year. I have this terrible recurring hip flexor injury. You know what you can do with a hip flexor injury? Nothing! No bike, no elliptical, no power walking. It all kills! Well, guess what I discovered this last time around? Hip flexor injuries will return a lot more frequently when you are not flexible.

It is not just the hip flexor that needs stretching, though, it is all your muscles. And your bands can help. Bands provide some resistance to your stretches, and they can assist you in stretching those tough-to-get-to muscles.

Let’s get stretching!

Lower back lubricator

Wrap one or multiple resistance band(s) around a front post with the A.P. height between knee and shoulder level. Keep your feet planted and slowly bow down, drop your buttocks and extend your arms forward. Unlock your hip joints and feel the stretch in your lower back. Slowly wiggle your buttocks from side to side to stretch your entire lower back region.

This stretches: lower-back muscles


Keeping arms and back straight, shift your body weight to your heels.

This stretches: hamstrings

Reverse it! Perform the same stretch while facing away from the post to stretch your chest, shoulders, and upper back muscles.

This stretches: chest, shoulders and upper-back muscles