SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! Well for some of us it is at least. For students, parents of students, and teachers its time to destress  from all the exams, homework, and grading and soak in the wonderful warmth of spring. While many of us try to slip in a few extra workouts in order to look beach picture ready before our spring break vacations, a lot of our hard work can go to waste if we completely neglect our fitness schedule. The last thing on our minds is hitting the gym when we finally get the chance to sleep in and be heathens. However those extra cocktails and french fries will catch up to us when we return home. That’s why here at Rubberbanditz we’ve created the Spring Break Fitness Challenge that you can incorporate into your vacay. With just a few leisurely exercises you can keep up your metabolism and have fun. So don’t bring home extra baggage on your hips, save it for the chachkas you bought your friends instead.

Try out our Spring Break Fitness Challenge. All you’ll need is your band, a stick, and a tree!

Waterski Squats

1)      Wrap the band around the stick for a handle and then wrap the band around the tree

2)      Grab on to the stick with both hands for resistance and knock out a set of squats while maintaining constant resistance on the band

Upright Rows

1)      Keep your body erect and core tight as you pull the band towards your chest. Pinch your shoulder blades together behind you


1)      Take a staggered stance

2)      Perform a set of lunges while holding the band out in a fixed position in front of you

The further you go back the more resistance you can get!

And of course don’t forget to stretch out by stepping away from the tree as you bend forward and get a nice stretch in your lower back.

Bang out a few focused power sets in 20 minutes and you can go right back to soaking up sun.