The ba(n)d news is that Rubberbanditz creator Ari Zandman- Zeman had to undergo surgery for his recent knee injury. The good news: rubber band training is one of the best ways to recover from an injury. Hopefully ya’ll been employing the tactics I explained in my 7 ways to prevent injuries post, but even being careful, injuries have an unfortunate way of creeping up. Injuries can seem like the worst thing in the world, because it often means taking your whole body off your fitness regime. But don’t fret just yet, having an injury doesn’t mean you are subjected to lying on the couch and getting out of shape. Rubber band training provides a low impact workout perfect for keeping in shape while recovering from an injury. By working through your rubber band training workouts, users can target their muscles so they do not stress any damaged muscles or ligaments. You can also try talking to your doctor or physical therapist on how to best use your Rubberbanditz band as a rehab band.  Rubber band training is a great way to get injured muscles back into shape because Rubber band training can provide tons of low impact and easy to control exercises.

Just to prove rubber band training’s effectiveness during recovery, we snapped some pics of Ari doing some rubber band training exercises right after his surgery! We are wishing him a speedy and healthy recovery :) Get well soon!