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A resistance band workout is perfect for any person who cannot regularly commit to going to a gym.  Whether you frequently travel for your job, live in a tiny apartment and do not have the space for personal weight sets, or just dislike fighting traffic to stand in line at the gym, a resistance band routine can be perfect for you.

Get Stretched Out

All forms of weight lifting are simply resistance training.  Instead of lugging heavy weights around, however, innovators developed resistance bands knowing that one of the most efficient resistances is your own body.  At a mere seven dollar price tag, it is less expensive than a month's gym subscription or a pair of dumbbells for a home workout.  Better still, you can find it right here on our site!

To Get In Better Shape, Pull

Any type of resistance based training requires only a small amount of time for optimal results.  Unlike cardiovascular exercise, in which it is necessary to elevate your heart rate for as long as possible in order to get the best results, any resistance band workout plan need only run for half an hour per session three times per week.  Any more than that and your muscles will not have the necessary time they need to rebuild after the strain of the resistance.  Every exercise should be done in four sets with ten repetitions, taking no more than one minute of rest between each set to prevent lactic acid forming in the muscles and developing cramps.  Remember that for each workout, you must use proper form or else you risk injury.  Check out our info center or to get the best tips on workout style.

Squat Down, Stand Up

Any fitness expert or casual workout fan will tell you that squats are by far the most efficient way to build muscle.  Since squats use the largest muscle in your body, the gluteus maximus, as well as the second largest muscle, the Latissimus Dorsi, there is no better way to bulk up muscle mass (while consuming body fat) than to do squats.  A resistance band squat stretches the band across your neck and across your feet.  Bend your knees but not your back then push back up.

Lift High

Connect a resistance band to an ankle grip and secure it against an object like a locked door using a door strap.  Strap it around both your elbows, bent at a ninety degree angle, then lower your hips and push backwards.  Keep your back arched to put the strain upon your arms and legs rather than your spine.

Curl About

Keep the ankle grip attached to a foot or sneaker with the soft hand grip held in one arm, and the band doubled over.  Pull up against the force of your foot with the arm until you touch your chest.  Repeat with the different foot and the different arm.

If you think you need a solution to your workout woes, you should check out a resistance band.  This welcome change from gym routines may be the best choice for your exercise routines.