Pull ups are one of the BEST exercises you can do to strengthen your core, back, shoulders, and arms. But lezbereal, they are HARD! I am pathetically admitting that I cannot do a full pull up by myself (hangs head shamefully).


But I CAN do one with a pull up assist band.



          What makes the pull up assist bands so great is that I get to not only feel super cool about getting over the bar, but I am practicing the correct pull up technique. That means I get to work all the correct muscle groups, at a much lower risk of injury than if I was just sadly attempting to higher myself.

        Ok, on to the good stuff. In some of my previous posts, I’ve talked about all the different variations of the assisted pull up you can do. However, the information I’ve posted really focuses on the arms and upper body positions. Maybe because I’m a dancer, I felt it was really important to address the lower body positioning during assisted pull ups as well. So today I’m giving you two different feet and leg options that you can try out during your next assisted pull ups practice session. Feel free to mix and match the arm positions from here with the different leg positions to see what works for you.


The Crossed Leg

Keep you legs and ankles locked around each other. This is a great position to stabilize you weight.

bent kneebent knee

One Knee Bent 

Bend one knee and tuck the foot behind your other knee. Pull the resistance band over your raised foot.