Maybe you have gotten used to hearing ego flattering statements on how your workouts are finally starting to pay off. You smirk with satisfaction at your results. Fitness wise, everything is going great. But as we tread into March, the month of warriors, we need to learn from the mistakes of warriors past. Fantastic fighters like Caesar let his arrogance get in the way and crashed right when he was on top. While this seems a little off topic, my point is even if you're doing well now, you need to work to maintain that level. The first step to doing so is to eliminate weakness by working to prevent injuries. Working out in a safe way is more than just jumping on a treadmill and bumping up the speed. If you want to protect your body, you need to exercise efficiently, healthily, and safely. So I’ve put together a quick list of things to consider for your workouts in order to prevent injuries.


warm up

1)      Warm up

  • Its tempting to hit the treadmill at an 8 miles an hour immediately (not really..) but its really really REALLY important to warm up before putting your muscles on full blast. Try ten minutes of light cardio such as jump rope or power walking or doing some Pilates mat exercises to warm up.

cool down meme2)      Cool down

  • Reward your muscles by letting them cool down instead of just stopping them at a halt. Take a few minutes to stretch, massage, or just exercise at a lighter tempo.


3)      Hydrate

  • On average we’re supposed to consume 64 ounces of water a day and if we’re exercising even more. Make sure you get water before, during, and after your workouts

eating healthy meme

4)      Diet

  • Just like a car, you’re body needs fuel to run. Your body is more valuable than your car (at least hopefully) so make sure your fueling with premium nutrition. Eating healthy carbs before  a workout and lean proteins after will help your muscles support you the best they can

relaxation memes5)      Relax

  • Just how you need R&R after a long week of work, your muscles need it after a hard work out at the gym. Give your muscles some time to recover by taking a day off every week

know your body meme6)      Know your body

  • Everyone is built differently. Your sex, size, strength, and age all play apart in your overall fitness level. Its important to consider these factors when you plan your workout to make sure you aren’t doing anything to strenuous
  • personal trainer mem

7)      Check in with a professional

  • While we offer GREAT ;) advice here at Rubberbanditz its always a good idea to visit a personal trainer, doctor, or physical therapist who can make sure you are tailoring your exercise routine and diet to target your specific needs