Resistance bands are a great workout tool for nearly any type of workout from those starting out with their fitness programs, to mobile travelers and those seeking to improve their workouts. Resistance bands are also a wonderful way to improve your quickness, speed, and agility for your other athletic endeavors. Speed resistance bands are portable, relatively inexpensive compared to other types of exercise equipment and can be used in a wide variety of exercises. Resistance bands can be used to improve your athletic prowess and ability for all of these applications:

Pull Ups | Pole & Aerial | Booty Bands | Powerlifting | Calisthenics | Mobile Fitness | CrossFit | Speed & Agility

Resistance bands are ideal for speed training exercises and developing your own speed training routine is easy.


Weightlifting Versus Speed Resistance Bands

One of the best examples of the benefits of using speed resistance bands versus weightlifting is to watch a football game. Pay particular attention to the linemen who are obviously strong, but typically the slowest players on the team. Why are they so slow? It is because of relative strength, which is explosive strength in relation to their bodyweight.

Low relative strength is due to two factors: training slowly and not addressing relative strength gaps. Slowly pumping huge free weights without an emphasis on force production will lead you to become strong and slow. Most exercise programs allow you to focus on just adding bigger and heavier weights (how much can you bench?) and totally ignore relative strength.

Maximum strength is the primary factor that determines your speed of movement, but if you're lacking intent to accelerate, then you increase your “slowness”. You must apply the most possible force on every repetition. While you may think that lifting faster will increase your speed, your body’s natural protection mechanism actually causes a contraction as you near the end of the movement to prevent joint injuries. You must accommodate resistance throughout the entire range of motion rather than a specific point in your weightlifting. The answer is to use explosive strength with resistance bands (moderate resistance) with maximum speed.



Speed Resistance Bands For Increased Running & Sprinting Speed  

Working out with resistance bands not only leads to bigger gains in the weight room, but will also teach your body to become more efficient and continue accelerating as you reach your limits. Because of the increased resistance you experience near completion, the bands will start to decelerate your movement and force you to work harder to avoid the body's natural safety mechanisms.

Runners and track athletes can increase their running and sprinting speeds by focusing on endurance, strength, explosive power and flexibility. Leg drive and hip flexor strength are important in helping runners increase stride length and frequency. Speed resistance bands are the ideal training tool for developing quickness by applying resistance through each workout phase, challenging the athlete to work harder.

High-intensity training builds the strength and explosive power to drive the legs and push a runner faster. Strength is always included in speed training, but endurance is also required to achieve higher levels of success. Muscle strength and endurance allow the runner to maintain maximum velocity for a longer period of time before the fatigue sets in. Training with speed resistance bands will take you to the next level and allow you to finish strong!


Resistance Band Speed Training

When training for speed, most people think of athletes strapped to heavy duty resistance bands who are told to run. While this is absolutely an effective way to improve your running speed and quickness, there are many other methods to improve your overall physicality and enhance your athletic performance. Adding resistance to your range of motion can create a training environment that consistently builds strength and explosive power. Speed resistance bands can be used to increase weight lifting gains, jump height, foot speed, reaction time and explosive power. 

If you are new to using resistance bands for speed and quickness, keep in mind the following items:

  • Resistance bands will feel much different than other types of exercise you typically perform. If you are used to working out with free weights, kettlebells or doing cardio, then you will be surprised by the difficulty and effectiveness of resistance bands.

  • Resistance bands are highly versatile and can be used to create unique exercises based on your needs.

  • Start slowly into your routine and don’t overstretch resistance bands. The equipment is not dangerous, but poor technique (as with any exercise routine) can create injuries.


Resistance Band Speed Training Exercises

There are several ways to design the ideal workout with resistance bands for speed and quickness. With resistance bands, the optimal workouts focus on the activity you're training for. Runners use the bands to strengthen their legs while swimmers perform exercises to strengthen the arms and shoulders. Speed band resistance workouts provide endurance, full body strength, toning and of course quickness. The following resistance band exercises are sure to increase your speed and explosive power when you need it the most. Visit our resistance band speed training page for more detailed exercises, images and videos.

Punching Drill

Wrap a resistance band around a pole, post or heavy bag behind you and throw punches towards a focus mitt held by your workout partner. Perform 20 repetitions with each hand with the band, then perform another 20 reps without the band. You will notice a considerable increase of speed in your punches. This exercise is great for martial arts, boxers and anyone looking to improve the quickness of their shoulder and back muscles.

Fat Burn/High-Intensity Interval Training

These short, intense workouts force your body to quickly burn fat. Workouts that lean you out are a great way to help lose weight and simultaneously improve your speed. Unlike cardio performed at the same level or speed, high-intensity intervals vary low and high intensity exercises to shock your body into burning fat.

Perform 2 minutes of lunges at a high intensity using speed resistance bands, then reduce your speed and jog in place for a minute. This exercise boosts your metabolism while burning fat and building lean muscles. This workout is not only great for those who want to lose weight, but also for tennis players and racquetball players who need quick bursts of energy to hit the ball.

Hip Flexion

Set up in a position similar to the mountain climber exercise, but do not set your front foot down on the ground while it is flexed. At the peak of the flexed position, hold the pose for a prolonged period of time to allow for more contractile waves to pass through the muscle.

Perform 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions with hold times ranging from 3-5 seconds.

Band Resisted Broad Jumps

Anchor the resistance band around hip-waist height to a fixed stationary object that will not shift or move and then place the band around your waist. Walk out until the band is taut but not stretched. Spread feet apart to approximately a hip-width distance apart.

Raise the arms above the head and then swing them downward in a vigorous motion to initiate the movement. Explode forward off both feet simultaneously and land with the feet approximately shoulder width apart.

Perform 3 to 5 sets of 4 to 5 repetitions.

Foot Work and Agility Drills

Anchor the resistance band around hip-waist height to a fixed stationary object that will not shift or move and then place the band around your waist. Walk out until the band is taut but not stretched. Alternate between the following ground force reaction exercises to build agility, foot speed, and power.

  • Carioca: Run in place sideways while continuing to swing one knee across to the opposite side of your body.

  • Powerstep backpedals: Lean against the band and backpedal in place.

  • Explosive bursts: Start in an athletic stance and explode forward to forcefully perform resisted high-knee, butt-kick, and stationary sprinting bursts.

Perform 3 to 4 sets of each exercise with 15 to 20 seconds sets


Power Step Explosion

Anchor the band around a sturdy fixed object behind you and insert the band around your waist. Walk all the way forward to ensure there is no slack remaining in the band.

Begin in an athletic 3-point stand, similar to if you were going to power off the line. Explode up and forward simultaneously and perform one powerful step against the full resistance of the band.

Perform 3 to 4 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions per leg of power steps.

Rubberbanditz resistance bands come in a wide variety of colors, including Black, Blue, Green, Neon Blue, Neon Cobalt, Neon Fuschia, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red. The lengths vary from 12 to 120 inches and the maximum tension ranges from 5-600.

Join the Rubberlution today and start using resistance bands for speed and quickness!