If you want a beautiful butt, then read on. If you have a perfect butt and are curious what other people have to do to get a butt like yours, then read on.

We’ve concocted some booty building secret sauce…

Many of us today are plagued with self-image related issues and wish we could make a material impact on our body composition. Diet is hands down the biggest lever you can pull. But I’m not here to harp on you about what you are putting into your body or how you should be buying the new magic superfood powder (no knock on superfood powder). There are better places to look and smarter people to ask for personalized nutritional info. Second to diet however is, hands down, EXERCISE. Shocker!

What if you could work out your entire lower body with flawless precision and hyper-efficiency?

Actually, you can and thousands of our customers are. Welcome to the world of the booty resistance band!

Booty band’s brilliant yet simple design makes them an obvious fitness accessory for anyone with booty beautification goals. For those unfamiliar, booty bands are mini loop resistance bands that you slip your feet or legs into to apply resistance to your natural movement patterns.  Let’s explore some of the hidden treasures that mini loop booty bands help deliver:

Functional training

Our bodies are similar to machines where all body parts work together in harmony when performing at optimal levels. Booty bands help achieve this synchronicity by engaging multiple muscle groups at once during each booty band workout.  Training with mini loop bands is beneficial to use in conjunction with nearly all-lower body exercises such as side steps, lunges, side lunge, squats, kicks, extensions, and even dancing. We’ll get into a few of these booty workout options shortly.

Core booster

Booty resistance bands naturally engage and strengthen your core, which is where all movement in your body emanates. A strong core not only looks great in a bathing suit but helps your body perform at optimal levels. For this reason, many consider the core to be your girdle of strength and the primary focus of any exercise or athletic movement. Booty exercise bands help heighten athletic prowess by helping strengthen the entire hip complex (muscle groups around the hips) and improve your athletic performance for various movements including running, jumping, climbing, swimming, or lifting.

Joint protection

Booty bands help protect your joints by strengthening all the small stabilizer muscles around them. Often times with repetitive movement or inactivity your small muscles are neglected, and over time, they may protect your joints to a diminishing degree. The stronger your stabilizer muscles are, the less pressure [or load] needs to be absorbed in your joints. Strong agile muscles, both large and small, lend themselves to high performing joints.

Improve alignment

The bands apply gentle pressure around your legs to help keep your body aligned, your legs spaced correctly, and improve your form. Often times just having the band(s) around your legs makes you think about correct posture and is a positive step in the right direction. Did you know that strong glutes also support the lengthening of your hip flexors, which helps prevent you from slouching and walking like a caveman/woman?


What are Booty Bands?

It is a known fact that the soft ‘holiday energy deposits’ around the hip and butt area are tough areas to spot check. Some people love their arms and back but wish they had a proportionate lower body. You know what? These are all perfectly normal scenarios. We would all love to change something about ourselves – fortunately, the bodacious booty is within striking distance thanks to booty band exercises with these five bands:

Why Do Booty Bands Workouts?

  • Targets Entire Lower Body: Booty bands help amplify your lower body workout and activate a plethora of muscles around your thighs, hips, and legs including those all-important butt muscles. This amplifies performance and physique and will give you the bigger butt you’re hoping for.

  • Inexcusably Portable: On the road or managing a busy calendar? Pop a set of mini bands into your purse, briefcase, or kitchen drawer and access a complete legs and butt workout anywhere.

  • Max Power: Shameless promo here -- Our Booty Resistance Bands are roughly 6x the thickness of most thin strip mini loops. This offers significantly more resistance, faster results, more durability.

The thickness also helps prevent them from rolling up your legs, which is rather uncomfortable. Our 100% layered natural latex rubber can withstand even the most rugged booty band workouts. Since this type of resistance band can stretch up to 2.5x their resting length, you never have to worry about a band snapping on you.

Now that we’ve covered the meat and potatoes of booty band workout, let’s explore the most common questions we get, “Do booty bands work?

The short answer is… ‘YES, IN A HUGE WAY’.

How to use Booty Bands?

If you are still reading and wondering which booty bands are a good fit for you and your butt, let’s examine which bands will push you towards that picturesque derriere.

We typically recommend purchasing them in sets of 2, 3 or 5. This is not because we are capitalists, but rather because different exercises require a different size band such as a mini band or our green power resistance band. Here are a few examples of strength training and glute exercises you can do with the booty resistance bands along with the corresponding size most suitable:

Squats with booty bands:

  • Adding a band blasts your normal squat and takes this exercise to the next level. Your booty has to work hard to fight your knees from buckling together. This simple yet functional detail helps build good habits, stability, and ground-force mobility.  

Slip on the bands up just above your knees in the squat position and perform half squats or full squats for a deep booty burn. Slow down your tempo to increase the intensity. You can also hold your squat in a low seated static position or bounce slowly at the bottom for an added challenge. Feel free to use with or without additional free weights.

Best booty resistance bands for squats:

    • Medium [red] booty bands (low resistance)

    • Heavy [black] booty bands (mid resistance)

    • Robust [purple] booty bands (heavy resistance)

    • Power [green] (max load resistance)

Side lunge / Lateral Step-ups:

This lateral extension exercise works wonders for the legs, bums and, tums. Simply slide band just above your knees to get started. Perform a normal side lunge on a flat surface or step up on a stair or elevates surface for an added challenge. As you lower your butt, make sure to squeeze your thighs and glutes before stepping up and bringing both legs together.

  • Best booty resistance bands for side lunges:

    • Medium [red] booty bands (light/low resistance)

    • Heavy [black] booty bands (heavy resistance)

    • Robust [purple] booty bands (max resistance)


Among the throngs of booty bands workouts, the deadlift is one of the tougher exercises to dominate in the workout routine. They are great for your posterior chain and require not only strong hamstrings and leg and glute muscles but also core stability and upper body strength.

To perform correctly, you’ll want to make sure you keep your toes pointed ahead, your legs straight, and your back arched. Start by slowly bending over at the hips until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Then use your core and bum to pull yourself up to a standing position. Keep your glutes clinched the entire time for maximum booty gains. This exercise can be performed with only your bodyweight or can be done in conjunction with weights once you lock in the correct movement pattern. Note that there should be no pain in your lower back or knees when lifting the weight. If there is, stop immediately and consult your physician.

  • Best booty resistance bands for deadlifts:

    • Medium [red] booty bands (low resistance)

    • Heavy [black] booty bands (mid resistance)

    • Robust [purple] booty bands (heavy resistance)

    • Power [green] (max load resistance)

Hip Thrust and Glute Bridges:

This is an incredibly effective exercise for targeting the muscles around your hip complex, glutes, and core. The hip thrust and glute bridge force your muscles to work together harmoniously to perform one coordinated movement pattern. Start by placing the band around your thighs, just above your knees. Lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor, around hip distance apart. You can begin with your shoulders on the ground or on an elevated surface. Arms should be by your sides with уоur back flat and your heels close to your body.

Initiate the movement by pressing into your heels and lifting your hips up to make a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. At the top of your ‘bridge’ refrain from touching your knees by keeping the glutes, core, and outer thighs contracted. Then lower down and repeat. Try holding at the top and pulsing up and down until you burn out or fatigue for an added challenge. You’ll love these!

  • Best booty resistance bands:

    • Heavy [black] booty bands (normal resistance)

    • Robust [purple] booty bands (heavy resistance)

    • Power [green] (max load resistance)

We assembled the following complete booty band sets to offer enough resistance for you to perform any booty band exercise you could possibly see, follow, or think of. Each kit comes with a 100% lifetime warranty, so if at any time you are unhappy with then send us your bands back and we’ll exchange or refund them with no questions asked. We are that confident you’ll love them!

Basic Booty Bands Set

Set Includes:

  • Heavy black booty band

  • Robust purple booty band

*Ideal for those in need of a low impact high return pair of bands for a leg day workout.

Standard Booty Bands Set

Set includes:

  • Medium red booty band

  • Heavy black booty band

  • Robust purple booty band

*Our most popular mini loop set for a reason. This trio should accommodate 80-90% of the all booty band workouts you will try.

Deluxe Booty Bands Set

Set Includes:

  • Light orange booty band

  • Medium red booty band

  • Heavy black booty band

  • Robust purple booty band

  • Power green booty band

*For the serious athlete or athletes-in-training in search of a comprehensive exercise platform to supplement and/or substitute for a complete lower body workout.

If you are still scratching your head and saying, do booty bands work? Then click the link and read more.

This article was written by Ari Zandman-Zeman, a 6’7” (2m) Alaskan man who loves loves loves booty workouts. Full disclosure, I (Ari) also founded RubberBanditz, so I also love love love RubberBanditz bands. I’ve tried the competition’s booty bands and can promise you’ll never find bands like ours. No pressure – no sleaze…  Just top-notch booty resistance bands here to kick that booty into overdrive. Jump on the band-wagon