Muscle cramps can occur in any of the muscles in the body.It is an involuntary tightening of a muscle that does not relax.Muscle cramps can occur in people of all ages, from small children to adults, and they can be very painful.They can last anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes, and they can occur many times before they finally go away.


What causes muscle cramps?

Dehydration is a big cause of muscle cramps.This is especially common in sports and other forms of vigorous activity and resistance training.When a person is engaged in one of these activities, they perspire, which causes excessive fluid loss.Cramps due to dehydration are usually more common in warmer weather, and can be an early indication of heat stroke.


When a person’s body is deficient of certain vitamins and minerals, they may also be more likely to get muscle cramps.Low Calcium, magnesium, and Low potassium can all be a cause of cramps in the body.


How to Treat Them:

Muscle cramps can be stopped by stretching the muscle.Many leg muscles can be stretched by standing, walking around or with resistance bands.You may also want to use heat or massage to help relieve the cramp.There are really no medications proven to treat muscle cramps.


How to Prevent Them:

To prevent your muscles from cramping you should be sure to stretch before and after each exercise routine. As mentioned, 'stretch bands' offer a great way to stretch both upper and lower body muscles. You should also warm up and cool down adequately.Another great way to avoid muscle cramps is to make sure you stay hydrated before, during, and after your physical activity.If you loose an excessive amount of body fluids you should also try to replace lost electrolytes.


Muscle cramps are uncomfortable and can be very painful.The best way to prevent them is to use good judgment and listen to your body when it speaks to you.



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