Our brand new Open Sky store is officially up and running! If you are a blogger with an Open Sky store, we would love for you to carry our product! Shoot us an email for any info you'd like, or just to chat about the blogosphere. We are very excitied, and hope you are too!

Never heard of Open Sky? It is a way for bloggers to create their own online stores - suppliers (that's us!) provide the products, and sellers (the bloggers) choose which products they would like to sell in their stores. That way bloggers are able to sell the products they know, love, and talk about on their blogs.

Here is what Open Sky says on their Web site:

OpenSky is a new way to shop, buy, and sell.

We give anyone with an audience — bloggers, editors, celebrities, social media mavens — the chance to discover amazing products in our ever-growing supplier network and effortlessly sell those products themselves. We take care of the heavy lifting by providing all the support and tools required to make every interaction easy, personal, and fun for everyone starting with the shopper.

The OpenSky platform fuels connection.

We empower suppliers, sellers and shop.

We are pumped to be a part of it, and we look forward to working with bloggers everywhere!