While we may not have a pair dangling from our crotches, every girl should have a set of balls to play with. I'm talking about medicine balls (get your mind out of the gutter!) because they are an absolutely fantastic exercise tool to incorporate into your workout. In lieu of our INCREDIBLE 40% off wall and slam balls sale, I want to share an awesome medicine ball workout. Since our last blog post featured a Men’s Health’s article, I figured its time to focus on the ladies ;) But guys you are of course encouraged to try out these exercises as well! Check out the Women’s Health video below to get some fat blasting and power sculpting medicine ball workout.

Medicine Ball Slam:

1)      Stand with your feet a little outside your hips

2)      Bring the ball high above your head, with your elbows slightly bent

3)      Throw the ball down to the floor as hard as you can

4)      Catch the ball and bring it back to above your head

        Hint* keep your abs and back engaged as you bring yourself back to the starting position

5) Repeat!

This is a great exercise if you want to release some tension! 

 Side kick

1)      Take the ball in both hands and bring it to your chest

2)      Turn your right leg slightly outward

3)      Bring your left knee as close to chest height as you can

4)      In the same motion extend your left leg behind you at a ninety degree angle while extending your arms

         Hint* Your arms and legs should create a parallel line with the floor

5)      Come back to the original position by engaging your core

6)      Repeat on the other side

Toss and Lunge

1)      Toss the ball into the air a little bit in front of you

2)      Catch the ball by lunging forward with one leg

3)      Switch legs and repeat

Ab Jack knife

1)      Laying on the floor, fully extend both your legs and arms

2)      By contracting your core, raise your arms and one leg so that they meet directly above your stomach

3)      Repeat using switching legs

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