Getting in shape is always the most popular New Year’s resolution. Its also the  most broken. If you’re one of the many vowing to get in shape, we’re going to keep you on track. Its only a week into 2015, so hopefully you haven’t gotten sick of your workout yet. But just in case we have some workout tips to amp things up.

Rubberbanditz Resistance Lunges

Pretty similar to regular lunges, just with double the burn


  1. Loop the band around a stationary object (some sort of pole works best)
  2. Lunge forward 

The Sideways Lunge 

Strengthen your whole leg by going sideways too! 


Use the same set up as before, this time lunge sideways instead

Rubberbanditz Extreme Sit Ups 

  1. Lying down on your back, wrap the resistance band underneath the bench 
  2. Grab the band with both hands and bring your arms down



  1. Do sit ups and crunches as you normally would!