So Ari Zandman Zeman (Rubberbanditz creator) is an assisted pull up super star. Watch our video of him doing 1000 assisted pull ups! Just kidding, that would just be too boring watch ;) Instead, we’re giving showing you his post assisted pull up routine. Once he’s finished using his exercise resistance bands for assisted pull ups, he utilizes the bar and the exercise resistance band to finish off his workout. These exercises are a great way to target muscles after you’ve finished with your assisted pull ups. Learn how to target your lats, core, and arms with our new exercise resistance band routine.

Lat Pull Down

  1. With the exercise resistance band attached to something above you, grasp it in your hand and get into a kneeling position
  2. Extend your arms
  3. Bend your elbows in and go back into extension
  4. Repeat until exhaustion

Arm Extension

  1. Tuck yourself underneath the band
  2. Lean forward and keep your body straight
  3. Start with your elbows bent close to your body


  4. Extend your arms outward and repeat


Twist and Chop

  1. Take a staggered stance
  2. Grasp the band with both hands


  3. Lift and bend your back knee to your chest
  4. Meet your hands to your knee


One Arm Push

    1. Stand in a staggered stance
    2. Bend one elbow toward your body


    3. Extend your arm out and repeat