Today we are looking at the tricep pushdown. Along with the general tricep exercise tips, I have another pointer for this specific move.

When you are working your triceps, you will notice that it is easy to use your body weight to help with the moves. Try to avoid this. Instead, resist the urge to put any body weight into the pushdown.

Tricep Pushdown

This exercise works the triceps.

When positioning yourself for the tricep pushdown, you have lots of options. Try them all out to see which ones you like and add some variation as you repeat the moves. You can position your feet in a staggered stance or side by side. With your elbows planted by your sides, push the band down and fully extend your arms.

Pause and flex your triceps briefly at the bottom before returning to starting position. To increase the resistance, lower your body.


Wrap the band over the top of an open door positioned perpendicular to your body.

Experiment with different grip options: the underhand grip will engage forearms.

Turn your back to face away from the anchor point.