Do you believe that there is only one type of therapy that helps an individual avert the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease? Do you also believe that this same type of therapy can also be used to get rid of obesity? Would you believe that such therapy will not cost you even a single cent? Fortunately, you do not have to go to the pharmacy to purchase it. This therapy is what we call as EXERCISE.

Exercise improves physical and mental health.

Exercise improves the mental health while the physiological benefits are taking place inside the body. It is when the individual exercises that his blood flow to the brain improves. It is also through exercise that the process of detoxification is being enhanced. When an individual makes it a habit to exercise regularly his overall physical behavior will become better. These things will then make a person less vulnerable to anxiety, all the while improving one’s mental health.

Exercise works better than anti-anxiety drugs.

Research reveals that exercise is the cheapest and most accessible treatment for anxiety and depression. There is enough evidence that exercise is far more effective than any medications. What makes exercise stand out from any other treatment is its ability to provide both relief and intervention to an individual at the same time.

Exercise works better than medications because it helps an individual produce more natural painkillers. These feel-good hormones called endorphins will act as anxiety-busters. However, the positive impacts of exercise will definitely go far from just providing anxiety relief.

Exercise prevents stress build-up.

It is when the person exercises that he will be able to redirect his physical energy. On the contrary, lack of physical activity causes stress to build up inside the person’s body over a period of time. In turn, those who refuse to exercise are prone to experiencing stress and anxiety. Without exercise, the person will tend to overwork his mind and body without providing release. This kind of “release” only happens when the person exercises. As a result, the person’s psychic frustration will be eliminated.

Exercise keeps an individual in control of his physical health.

When the person decides to indulge in an exercise regimen he immediately becomes in control of his physical health. But, those who do not exercise are at risk of losing control of their mind and body which leads to stress and anxiety. In addition, if an individual indulges in his favorite sports he will have the chance to socialize with other people. The mere act of socializing with other health conscious individuals is enough to relieve one from anxiety.

Exercise helps people get rid of cigarette smoking.

Exercise helps people easily eliminate their habit of smoking. This is because exercise provides people with a positive diversion when stressed. This form of diversion works far better than any other kind of smoking-cessation programs. It may seem ironic but, the process alone of getting rid of smoking may prove to be stressful for an individual. The person who tries to quit smoking will also have the tendency to gain much weight. This is due to the habit of eating more often than usual as a form of withdrawal syndrome. But, if the person exercises he will less likely to overeat or gain weight.

Remember that the more you move the lesser you become vulnerable to anxiety and other diseases. Therefore, get up and better start exercising NOW.