The hammer curl is one of those great moves that keeps you aware of your posture while you work out. I am a big fan of any move that forces you to focus on your posture, probably because it is one of those personal goals that is always in the back of my mind: keep that good posture!

After I do a workout that emphasizes good posture, I feel very aware of how I sit and stand for the next few hours—do you find the same thing happens to you?

If you do feel yourself slumping one way or another, then your resistance is too strong and you need to lower it.

When doing the hammer curl, you should also remember to slowly lift and lower each arm. This prevents momentum swinging your arms upward.

Hammer Curl

This exercise targets the biceps.

Set up the exercise with two bands as pictured below. Your thumbs should be facing up.

With both arms by your sides, curl your right arm in an arch to your right shoulder.

Squeeze your right bicep at the top before returning back to starting position. Repeat with your left arm when finished.


Twist your wrist up so that your palm faces your shoulder at the top of the movement.

Wrap one band under both feet and grasp an end in each hand to raise the resistance.

Stabilize the band(s) to a low front or rear post.