Get those legs primed and ready!

When you are working out, don't forget to do exercises to work your legs as well. There are all kinds of exercises that can be done for great-looking legs, for both men and women, who obviously have very different needs. Basically, men want bigger, more muscular legs, while women want good muscle tone while having slim, sexy-looking legs. So, do men and women need different workouts? Or are there exercises that both can do that will provide the results that each are looking for?

Weight Training

If you are looking to get better muscle tone in your legs, weight training may be the answer for you. Depending on the level of muscle you want to reach, you may want to restrict your exercises, and if you are not looking to bulk up, use lighter weights. Men who are looking to get bigger legs may want to do some or all of the following weight training exercises (increasing weight as needed):

  1. - Squats
  2. - Leg Presses
  3. - Leg Raises
  4. - Lunges


Women who are looking to get firmer, trimmer legs can also use the same exercises, but if they do not want to bulk up, it is advisable to use smaller weights or none at all.


Walking and Running

The overall health benefits of walking and running are well-known, and both activities are great to get your legs in tip-top shape. If you are running or walking on rough terrain, you are going to get an even better workout. A good length of time for a leg-toning walk is at least a half an hour, longer if you have the time. Actually, make the time. Walks are a great way to firm up your legs, and terrific for your overall good health. Walks are also a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. If you have a buddy to walk or run with, tha's even better because the socializing will help to pass the time by. Or, if you are alone, you can wear a headset and listen to your favorite tunes.

There are many other exercises you can do to get firm, well-toned legs. In addition to walking or running and weight training, you may want to also try aerobics, Pilates and yoga, which are all popular and fun. So start exercising now and get great-looking legs by summer.

Article written by Jim Collins of Ultimate Fitness Gear</a>, your top source for the <a href="">Shaun T Insanity Workout</a>.