It’s hard to believe it, but we are to the last muscle major muscle group: the core. And some might believe we saved the best for last.

Those people being the ones who think 500 crunches/day will solve all their problems. That you will lose 50 pounds and have the perfect bod.

However, that is not the case. As you will learn, working the core does help build strong core muscles, but the only way to achieve your desired results is in a total body routine. Overworking the core while under-working other major muscle groups will not only not produce a perfect body, it can lead to serious injury and back pain.

Core muscle highlighted on the body

But enough words of warning. Incorporating core workouts into a total body routine can bring immense benefits. It can help you get the physique you want and it protects your lower back.

In fact, a strong core can make your whole body feel stronger, more limber, and better balanced.

Just think about it: Every body movement should stem from this region.

Lower back core muscle highlighted on the body

This is also why you should work this muscle group last. Since the core is involved in all your body movements, you want to save core strength for all your workouts. The core is key to maintaining good form, so you want to make sure you don't wear out the muscles by focusing on them early, resulting in poor form in following exercises.

When you grab your bands to finally get to a core exercise, though, remember the keys to effectiveness: high intensity and attention to detail. Great form will bring great results!