Over the last decade, CrossFit has become increasingly popular on an international level. It is an intensive fitness program that combines basic bodyweight movements like pull-ups, push-ups, and squats with heavy weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance sports to create dynamic and effective workouts. While CrossFit is a program utilized by Navy SEALS and pro athletes, it is also completely suitable for the rest of us mere mortals.

To be a true CrossFitter you'll need a variety of implements (barbells, dumbbells, rings, and more) to do the original exercises. We absolutely recommend visiting your local CrossFit gym to get access to all the proper tools and learn the ropes (literally) from the pros. But if you're a traveling CrossFitter on-the-go or someone who doesn't have time to go to the gym, try out our 'Rubberbanditz Weightless WOD' training products. The workout modifies traditional CrossFit exercises, so you'll be using a Rubberbanditz band instead of non-portable free-weights, giving you the flexibility to do CrossFit training wherever and whenever you need it.

We turned to certified strength coach, nutritionist, and Dogtown CrossFit coach Elliott Schackne to help us craft and define each exercise. All you need are resistance bands and determination. While the bands won't exactly mimic the strength curve of all the movements, you'll likely find the Weightless WOD workouts to be just as challenging - and with a gym that fits in your backpack.

Since we created such a robust platform, we thought it best to split the content into a few different blog posts. So we’re featuring a whole CrossFit blog post series over the next few weeks to feature all of Elliott’s tips. Make sure to tune in next week for CrossFit workouts part two!

Push Press

Push Presses strengthen essential motor recruitment patterns while greatly improving upper body strength. The traditional exercise uses a barbell and requires the athlete to move the barbell from his shoulders to fully extended above his head, with the help of momentum from the lower body. The legs give the initial burst of energy that drives the bar off the shoulders; the upper body then finishes the lockout.

If you have a bar, stick, or dowel you can attach band(s) to it for resistance. Or, in lieu of a barbell, you can simply grip the Rubberbanditz bands for this modified version designed to replicate the same motion using elastic resistance.

  1. With the band underneath the feet, have your elbows slightly pointed down and your spine neutral
  2. Bring the band up to your chest
  3. With one powerful motion, starting with the legs and glutes, extend your hips and knees and thrust the band overhead


Reverse Lunges

Lunges are excellent to work your legs, as well as stabilizing your core, as you step forward or backward onto a bent knee. Many CrossFitters add a barbell into the mix, but we added a resistance band to scale this natural body movement. Add a static upright row for even more resistance. The more you pull with your upper body, the harder the exercise will be on your legs, plus getting some isometric strength work in your arms.

    1. Place the band directly under one foot
      *To get the maximum result you'll want to double cross the band, with one side directly on top of the other. Just make sure each end of the band is close to the middle of your foot to ensure it doesn't slip off.

  1. Bend the arms and hold them in one place to perform the static upright row portion
  2. Step backwards on to a bent leg
  3. Come back to the original standing position and repeat


Resisted Push Ups

Pushups are a CrossFit workout staple. They work your arms, back, shoulders, and core with no equipment. To give an extra oomph to this exercise, add in a resistance band.

  1. Put the band around your back and under your arms (to avoid chafing)
  2. Slip it under your palms
  3. Do push-ups as normal


Resisted Dips

Everyone knows that dips work the triceps and chest, but resisted dips blast those triceps out of your sleeves. Try out these resisted dips for an extra burn:

  1. Wrap the band around your shoulders and underneath the armpits while holding the band in place with your palm


  1. Keep your legs extended and lean back onto a chair
  2. Bend your elbows and perform dips as usual



Modified Seated Rows

In our Rubberbanditz version of the seated row you'll be getting a meaningful abdominal workout while also hitting the primary focus - your back muscles. The bands force you to balance and stabilize your entire core to perform this properly. You can keep you feet on the floor for guidance or elevate them and balance on your butt for an added challenge.

  1. Wrap the band underneath the bottom of your feet
  2. Grab hold to the ends of the band with both handsseated row
  3. Push your legs out while you tilt backward
  4. Bring your knees back in and repeat

seated row image