Core exercises are very fickle. It might appear you are doing the exercise correctly, but you could be doing it totally wrong. Form and execution are extremely important, and to be honest, there are a few moves I just can’t figure out (like that one abs machine at the gym!).

There are a lot I can, and I am about to share my very favorite core exercise with you. I did a similar version for years without bands, and once I added them, I could never go back.

The Hyperextension focuses on your lower back, and it is easy to get set up and execute properly. A must!

Before you try it, here are a few things to note:

Keep your arms and back straight

Keep your abs firmly contracted

Use a bar or the handgrips to ease the pressure on your hands

The Hyperextension

Wrap one band around a front post with the anchor point height around bellybutton level (sitting on the ground).

Hyperextension Core Exercise with Bands Starting Position

Pull your torso back until your back is almost flat against the floor and hold.

Hyperextension Core Exercise with Bands position 2

Slowly return to starting position.

Hyperextension Core Exercise with Bands demonstration of Back Straight and Abs Tight