Part of what makes Rubberbanditz a valuable workout tool is that anyone can use it. No matter your fitness level, adding a little resistance to your workout (and no I don’t mean resistance to working out) can dramatically increase your performance and make enhance  your natural body movements. Everyone from my grandma to elite athletes can benefit from the band.

Here is a video that underscores relative value street workout athletes can derive from Rubberbanditz bands. Hit Richards of Calisthenics Kings, demonstrates how people who are already in phenomenal shape, can use Rubberbanditz bands to scale their playground workouts. 

In the video below you can see how these insanely ripped dudes combine calisthenics and resistance band training to get a well rounded out routinethe exercise out yourself or just watch and be amazed!

Resistance Leg Raises

1)      Tie the Rubberbanditz band to something behind you

2)      Grab onto the bar

3)      Loop your feet in the band

4)      With your legs extended, pull your legs to a ninety degree angle

Resistance Pull Ups

1)      Stay in the same position from the previous exercise

2)      Pull yourself up

Lat Pull Downs

1)      Attach the band to something high above you

2)      Grab the band in each hand

3)      Pull down

Handstand Resisted Push Ups

1)      Drape the resistance band over your shoulders

2)      Place it under the palms of your hands

3)      Kick up into the hand stand position

4)      Push up

Assisted Dips

1)      Tie the band on to both of the bars

2)      Place your knees on top of the band for support

3)      Dip down into the band

4)      Push back up and repeat


1)      Stand with both feet on top of the band

2)      Put the band over your shoulders

3)      Squat down

4)      Straighten up into the resistance band

Horizontal Extension

1)      Grab the band with both hands and wrap it behind your back

2)      Keep your arms perfectly straight

3)      Pull your arms up to a V

Resistance Band Curls

1)      Stand on top of the band

2)      Hold  the band in each hand

3)      Bend at the elbows and bring your forearms toward you

Tricep Extensions

1)      Tie the band to something high above you

2)      Bend your elbows so you can grab onto the band with both hands

3)      Straighten your elbows and extend your forearms down


1)      Stand on top of the band

2)      Bend over to hold the band in each hand

3)      Keeping your back straight, bring your core to an upright standing position