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Dec 22, 2015 4:43:27 PM

Having trouble mastering the elusive Muscle Up? Try out this tutorial from Muscle Up Jarvis

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Dec 22, 2015 1:48:44 PM

Check out this 4 step planche progression tutorial featuring Tatted Strength

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Dec 22, 2015 1:39:34 PM

One great feature about working out with looped resistance bands is that you can combine different training concepts into each exercise. It’s great to explore the way your body naturally moves and challenge yourself by combining variations in strength, stretching, and stabilization. This exercise is an example that combines all three of those pillars. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Think outside the band.

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Dec 22, 2015 1:30:06 PM

Check out this 6 step front lever tutorial hosted by WCO Master Trainer Muscle Up Jarvis

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Dec 22, 2015 1:17:10 PM

Alright Banditz here we got with the Warrior Workout! This one's a tough one, I'm going to give you two options on how to do this workout. You can do it in either a circuit, or do it as an AMRAP workout. For those not familiar, AMRAP means AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE. If You choose AMRAP, give yourself 1 minute per exercise, and loop through each exercise 3-4 times. If you want to do it as a normal circuit, pick a band that's going to be challenging for you - but not so heavy that you'd use it for strength training. Complete this many reps of each exercise then repeat 4 times! Infinity Jumps: 40 Jumps Cross Curl: 40 Curls High Pull: 30 Reps Deadlift: 20 Reps Warrior Press: 20 Reps Lunge Twist: 20 Reps. Then rinse and repeat! Complete the circuit 4 times if you're feeling especially like a Warrior today ;)Read More

Dec 22, 2015 12:41:09 PM

An assisted typewriter pull up with the help of RubberBanditz! The typewriter pull up is a great way to mix up your back routine and really challenge those back muscles. Start with some assistance to ease your way into the progression.

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Dec 22, 2015 12:34:39 PM

We keep adding more and more to our Youtube channel, it's turning into a pretty cool exercise database. Go to our Youtube channel, type in the muscle you'd like to hit in the search bar, and see what comes up for you! This is our "Sea Legs" workout. It's a series of resistance bands exercises that target your legs, booty, and core. It's a great addition, or substitution to anyones leg day.Read More

Dec 20, 2015 12:00:00 AM


Are you past regular push ups? Has your core and upper body gotten so strong that you need a new challenge? If that’s the case than we definitely have a challenge for you! Try out our workout band push up challenge exercise!

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Dec 7, 2015 8:29:00 AM

So we’ve all seen Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” music video. And if somehow you were living under a rock or maybe just weren’t alive ten years ago, here is the footage of the sexy songstress.

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Nov 12, 2015 1:29:55 PM

I’m all about eating clean, but I always think there is no shame in splurging occasionally. While there is plenty deliciously yummy, healthy foods out there, every once in awhile you just need to have a scoop of ice cream or a few of your favorite chips. However, the problem is sticking to just a scoop or just a few. Having a small treat isn’t going to ring you up super high on the calorie meter, however the majority of us are eating way more than the recommended serving size. So while we look at the nutritional info and can live with the extra 100 or so calories of fat and sugar, we are likely getting way more as the portions we eat don’t match what the back of the box. That’s why today I’m compiling a list of all my favorite guilty foods to discuss the unhealthy reality when it comes to portion size. (Read More)

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