Do Booty Bands Work?

July 5, 2018

Booty bands are becoming extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts and fashionable women in recent times. In fact, they are now the one of the most popular pieces of equipment used by women looking to build bigger and sexier butts. The beauty of it all is that booty resistance bands not only...Read More
7 Resistance Band Exercises for Stronger, More Powerful Legs

June 22, 2018

  Everyone needs strong, powerful legs, and that is achievable through regular exercise. With that in mind, we will be sharing 7 resistance band exercises for stronger, more powerful legs, and the main piece of equipment you will need are any of our...Read More
Importance of Ancillary Training

June 19, 2018

Ancillary training helps to provide balance for runners. A final reason that helps to underpin the importance of ancillary training to runners is that it helps to provide balance to runners’ regimes. Sometimes, ancillary training is boring and repetitive...Read More
Pole Dancing Workouts

June 1, 2018

Pole dancing for fitness is an incredible full-body workout requiring endurance, flexibility, and overall strength and conditioning. What makes pole dancing workouts so different from other workouts is that it requires each of these elements as compared to weight lifting...Read More
Pole Dancing for Fitness: The Why, What, and How

May 22, 2018

Pole dancing for fitness is one of the newest and fastest growing industries not only in your town but across the globe. Pole dancing may seem intimidating to start, but no matter what studio you enter you will find there are beginner pole dancing classes to teach you the basics of the sport. Not only will you start a new...Read More
How To Calisthenics Human Flag in 5 Simple Steps

April 6, 2018

Here at the School of Calisthenics we like to break down complex movements, explain the principles behind them, what we need to do and then how we can progressively build up the specific strength aspects we need for things like the Human Flag.   The Human Flag is certainly one of those movements...Read More
Develop An Injury-Proof Core with These 3 Band Exercises

February 6, 2018

Think of an ab exercise—but don’t say crunches! Anything else come to mind? First, we have to think about what we are trying to achieve. If we want to develop a strong core, traditional ab exercises like crunches are not the way to go. ...Read More
The Move You Should Be Doing to Increase your Pull-Up Reps

January 12, 2018

You’ve reached your goal of hitting 10 pull-ups per set, but now you’ve hit a wall. No matter what, you just can’t seem to surpass that 10-rep pull-up max that you’ve maintained for months. Here’s where resistance band training comes in handy. ...Read More
How to Train for a One-Arm Pull-Up

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, Rubberbanditz! It’s officially 2018. Time to set new goals for yourself. Perhaps you want to be able to run an obstacle course race, or hit 10 pull-ups in a row. But why not aspire to do the impossible? Why not set the ultimate goal, like getting your first one-arm pull-up? ...Read More
How to reheb shoulder injuries with bands

December 27, 2017

Muddy water up to my nips, humerus out of my socket and 5k left. I found myself with a dislocated shoulder yet again. It’s that moment you realize you aren’t Superman. First thing on my mind was to finish the race then address this issue....Read More

November 6, 2017

LET'S BAND TOGETHER! Collaborate with the community and show the world how you put your bandz to work for you. Here is all you need to know to enter the #HOWIBANDIT challenge during Nov 12-28....Read More
What The Heck is Calisthenics?

September 24, 2017

Calisthenics is the practice of using your body weight with the intended purpose of developing strength, health, and coordination. The great thing about calisthenics training is that it can be done just about anywhere and requires little to no...Read More
Bodyweight Strength + Power

September 5, 2017

  Tick, tick, boom! After much anticipation, we are proud to announce the launch of the Bodyweight Strength + Power program we created in partnership with 12 Minute Athlete. With minimal bodyweight exercise equipment, this mobile-friendly program is like a virtual trainer that enables you to...Read More

August 31, 2017

  Headed to Pole Expo in Las Vegas this year? Make sure to submit your post in the #PoleExpoChallenge! Winner will receive a powder coated X-Pole, a free pass to the 2018 Pole Expo, and a full suite of pole training bands. That's over...Read More
Fitness Band Squat Training

August 22, 2017

    Combining weights and fitness bands is the perfect way to attack your strength training regimen.  Exercise bands provide a logical substitute or supplement to traditional powerlifting exercises that improve joint stability and muscle endurance. Instead of stacking on weight try adding a resistance band into the mix. Not only do you not need a full weights set, but...Read More
The Balancing Act- Straightening Up Your Handstand Part II

July 15, 2017

You’ve put in the hard work at this point. Your shoulders and hips are becoming more open and starting to move more freely. Or you just happen to be mobile and are able to move in all the ways I described in Part I, and you get to ‘skip’ the...Read More
Read Between the Lines: Straightening Up Your Handstand Pt 1

June 24, 2017

You might be able to overhead press your body weight, you might be able to planche, you might be able to do a bend back with your legs straight, and yet, for some reason, your handstand still ends up lacking. Why is that? It is because handstands are a combination of balance, strength, mobility, control and practice. Having any less...Read More
Planche Grinding You Down? Calisthenics Resistance Bands to the Rescue

May 26, 2017

  Everybody can plank. But what about the plank’s buff cousin, the planche? Chances are the answer is no (or yes, and I am a gymnast). It can be tough to know where to start with all theinformation floating about on places like Instagram. Gymnasts will practice something, and those practicing calisthenics will focus elsewhere. One thing that they can all...Read More
Spice Up Your Pull Up Training

March 20, 2017

Two questions that we keep getting asked is, 'how do I correctly do assisted pullup using bands' and 'I'm getting board of the same old pullups, how do I add variety?' Thought we'd try and take that bull by the horns and break it down for you in plain English. Let's have a look at proper pull up technique...Read More
Learn to Human Flag with Logical Progressions

February 6, 2017

• Before jumping into a flag hold you want to make sure that you are able to stabilize your shoulder for this inverted hold so as not to injure yourself. • Begin facing the vertical bar or pole while positioning the arms. The top hand can be in a cup grip, twisted grip, true grip or in the case...Read More
How to Improve Your Front Lever with In 4 Gradual Progressions

January 26, 2017

In the world of calisthenics most static [still] and dynamic [movement] exercises require a tremendous amount of strength. The front lever is one of the most challenging and represents a measurable milestone along your calisthenics journey. The front lever is a move that requires herculean shoulder, lat and core strength. This article covers the basics and provides a solid starting...Read More
Warm Up and Cool Down Your Shoulders on The Pull Up Bar

December 26, 2016

This section covers a significant number of warm up exercises.  Depending on how intense your stretching session will be and how much time your body needs to warm up you can pick and chose which exercise to work into your warm up and how much time to spend on it....Read More
4 Tips for Wintertime Outdoor Strength Training

November 30, 2016

Every wintertime workout warrior knows just how difficult it can be to stay motivated when temperatures dip. Facing the cold just doesn’t seem appealing when you can curl up with some hot cocoa and watch Netflix. But if you’re focused on strength training, you’ll lose a lot of ground if you regularly skip workouts during the winter. To help motivate...Read More
Why Using a ‘False Grip’ Is Critical For Muscle Ups

November 22, 2016

Ever noticed how people who perform those controlled, strict muscle ups, tend to grip the bar with their wrists almost on top of the pullup bar? This technique of hand placement is called a ‘false grip’, and is one of the most important teaching points in performing a strict muscle up....Read More