As a fitness blogger it’s only natural I love fitness, so I’m always shocked when I hear my boyfriend complaining about how he hates exercise. But when I hear his workouts I can’t really blame him, they seem like torture just not like a whole lot of fun. While workouts should be aimed at getting yourself in shape, they don’t have to be miserable. And if you hate your work out, you’re a lot less likely to do it. As someone who looks forward to exercise, here are my best tips for getting to love fitness.

1) Do Something You Like

Do something you enjoy not something you feel like you have to. My boyfriend goes running but the truth is he’s miserable the whole time. FACT: If you do something you don’t love, you’re going to avoid exercising. Figure out workouts you like and steer away with things you don’t. If you find something you’re passionate about you’re more likely to follow through with it!

2) Crank Up the Tunes

Come up with a kickass playlist that makes you want to move! Listening fast pace music will make your workout feel more like a dance party than a drag.

3) Switch it Up

Doing the same thing every day is boring. Try something new! Not only will your muscles have to work extra hard with a new challenge, but you’ll never get stuck in the rut of doing same old same old. I tried yoga the other day and places in my arms that have never been sore are killing me now. I might not want to do it everyday, but it definitely felt like an adventure rather than the same old routine

4) Go Outside

Some gyms are crazy cool, but for the most part you’re probably just half heartedly watching a TV show you don’t really like while you slave away on the treadmill. Doing your workout outside is a great way to feel in tune with nature and distract yourself from the burn. Luckily you can take your Rubberbanditz band outside ;)

5) Get a Workout Buddy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, working out with friends is way more fun. You’ll have someone to cheer you on while you work through your workout. And come time to actually exercise you’ll be excited because it will also be time to catch up with your pals.

6) Go Easy On Yourself

Intense workouts are great, but there are days when they are just not going to happen and that’s ok. On days when you’re tired/hungover/just feel like being lazy don’t punish yourself by going crazy. Just do something short, light, and painless. Going for a twenty minute walk is still exercise. Most Americans get little exercise, so you’re already ahead of the game. The point is you got your body moving and you deserve credit for not giving into your body’s want to stay home.

7) Do it in Style

You don’t have to buy $$$$$ Lululemon pants, but looking good might make you more excited about working out. Trade in that ratty college T for something a little more trendy and you’ll be excited to have an excuse to wear your new gear.

8) Track Your Fitness

I’m all about the MyFitnessPal app, but there are plenty more like it. Write down what you did this week in a notepad even. Looking at how active you’ve been is going to make you feel great when you look at your progress.

9) Treat yo’ self

Hey you deserve a reward for all that hard work you’ve been putting in. Go ahead and eat that snickers bar or whatever your guilty pleasure is. You earned it.