So we’ve all seen Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” music video. And if somehow you were living under a rock or maybe just weren’t alive ten years ago, here is the footage of the sexy songstress.


Pretty effin hot yeah? So while Shakira is getting a pretty good workout from shaking those hips, we at Rubberbanditz have our own version of getting some hip exercise in (FYI its Ari’s way, cause I just turn on Shakira and dance in the bathroom mirror). Anyways, while our hip exercises are certainly less sensual and frankly less hot, we absolutely recommend using the side step to help get your legs, hips, lats, and sides in shape. Our side stepper move with the resistance band will activate your lower body muscles as well as your upper body depending on the grip variation you choose.

Btw we do not mean the lame side step dance move, that you did at your middle school dance.

For all of the exercises, you will want to slip the band underneath the bottoms of your feet. In order to avoid friction between the ground and your shoes, perform the exercises on your heels like so.

heels up




Option 1: High Pull

This grip is exactly as it sounds. Simply, pull the band high up to your chest.


low x

Option 2: Low Cross

  1. Cross your arms so you make an X

  2. Keep your arms low

  3. Lean forward and pinch your chest to engage your pecks


low cross

Option 3: Low Pull Apart

  1. Cross the band for extra resistance

  2. Keep your arms open and pull the band apart



high cross

Option 4: High Pull Apart

  1. Cross the bands in an X

  2. Keep your arms open and raise them to your chest