Rubberbanditz versatile bands allow you to workout anywhere outside, especially the soccer field. By incorporating resistance bands into your upper body workouts, you will help develop functional upper body strength.

Below is a 20 minute upper body soccer workout to help you improve your strength for soccer or any other activity, using just the Standard Mobile Gym Kit. It’s ideal to complete after soccer practice or at home.

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First set (10 reps of each)

  1. Seated Row
  2. Resisted Push up
  3. Abdominal Wood Chop (10x each side)

Second Set (10 reps of each)

  1. Military Press
  2. Reverse Flyes
  3. Vertical Tricep Extension

Christiano Ronaldo: strong upper body

Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal): strong upper body

Here’s how to do the workout:

Complete the first set three times, rest (about 90 seconds), then go on to the second set.

Within each set, move to the next exercise immediately, taking a brief rest (30 seconds) after the third exercise.

During each exercise, focus on being explosive on the way up. Going as fast as possible without compromising the quality of the movement. On the way down be controlled and take 2 seconds to complete the movement.

In order to increase the resistance you can use an extra band or pull the band tighter.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more resistance band workouts.