With the change of seasons, we get to switch from muggy heat to nice crisp winds. Its also time for beautiful, colorful leaves and nice baggy sweaters. But while there is plenty to love about autumn, one thing that’s not so great is flu season is vast approaching. While the chillier weather is inevitable, however, getting sick doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways to circumvent the flu this year:

1) Get Vaccinated Every Year


While the anti-vaccine movement might be all the rage right now, don’t skip on this one. Sure shots are a real pain, but you can get your vaccine at your local pharmacy if you don’t want to deal with doctors’ appointments. By getting the vaccine, you’re reducing your chances of getting sick by 70-90%. But like apps on an Iphone, you have to continuously get the update for it to be effective.


2) Wash Your Hands


Kind of an obvious one, but make sure you consistently wash your hands with soap, especially before you touch food or your face. Constant trips to the bathroom can be a hassle, so just get yourself a small bottle of alcohol-based hand rub.


3) Hand Wipes


Don’t go all Howard Hughs, but do use antibacterial wipes. Wiping down gym equipment or shopping carts can help you avoid germs.


4) Cut the smoking


Smoking compromises cilia. These are the cells in your nose that remove viruses before they can get you sick. AKA they are mega important in keeping you healthy.


5) And the drinking..


Alcohol weakens your immune system and gets in the way of absorbing the right nutrients you need to stay healthy. If you want a better shot at staying flu free, lay off the sauce.


6) Sleep


Here’s the perfect excuse to sleep in. Staying on top of our Z’s is good for your immune system.


7) Hands off your Face


Avoid touching your face as much as you can, especially if you’re rubbing your nose or eyes. If you’re doing something like putting make up on, make sure you wash your hands prior.


8) Avoid the Sick


Albeit obvious, try to avoid people who are sick as much as you can. If it’s a coworker or a loved one, this cannot always be helped. But try to resist kissing and cuddling when they’re not feeling well.


9) Take Vitamins


You should always be taking them, but make sure you stay on top of your vitamins during flu season. Your body needs all the help it can get it to ward of diseases, so give it the nutrients it needs.



10) Avoid Sharing Drinks


Sometimes symptoms don’t show up right away, so even if you’re friend swears she’s not sick she might secretly have the flu. Don’t risk it. Just buy your own.